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let’s grab a coffee and discuss your brand and it’s design needs?



let’s grab a coffee and discuss your brand and it’s design needs?

Lee Pears with son

“why don’t we sit down one afternoon and talk about your brand and it’s design needs” 

I never thought that one day, something I used to say to people I’d meet looking for a creative, would turn into a name.


I earned my degree in Graphic Design & Communication from Central St Martins, where I had the opportunity to intern at GQ mens magazine for two weeks during my second year. This experience paved the way for my career in the magazine industry right after graduating.

Over the past 14 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with prestigious brands such as GQ, Elle, Tatler, and InStyle in publishing. Throughout my journey, I have honed my skills as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, specializing in luxury publications. While working at Tatler as a Digital Art Director, I enjoyed the challenge of transforming 2D print designs into interactive and captivating experiences for tablets and mobile devices. It was truly fulfilling to bring my flat designs to life through animation and immerse them in the 3D realm. This ignited my passion for the digital design world.

Driven by this newfound passion, I made the decision to further my education. I enrolled in a Digital & Web Designer course, which I completed with distinction. This supplemented my prior experience with digital and web design projects I had pursued independently with various brands.

Armed with renewed confidence, I seamlessly transitioned into the realm of digital and branding. Working with startups to create brands from scratch, knowing that my designs would leave a lasting impact for years to come, has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I approach my work with meticulous organization and unwavering passion. Whether it’s designing for social media, print, websites, or physical products, I strive to create a seamless and cohesive 360° brand journey that resonates effortlessly.

The creative process and the relationships I build with clients are what truly drive me. Design is my passion, and I take great joy in fostering connections along the way. In fact, some of my clients have become friends—bonus!

With no ego and a surname that lends itself to playful branding (Pears, hence the logo), my extensive experience as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Digital/Web Designer is showcased throughout my website.

What people say about us . . .

I have been working with Lee for two years and he has been integral in creating a really strong brand for DTO. Lee has the ability to turn what’s in my mind into a reality and we quickly got to a point where were able to work fast and efficiently. He always gets five stars from us.


Lee’s work is of the highest quality and has great attention to detail. Highly creative and committed, Lee is also a personable guy and easy to work with. Bonus!


Lee is a confident and passionate Art Director. When leading a shoot he always brings loads of ideas to the table, and works really well as part of a creative team. Lee’s enthusiasm and attention to detail, combined with knowledge of design and photography, will always open doors and lead him to great things.


Lee designed and built a new website for my marketing & PR consultancy – with great success! He was creative, knowledgeable and efficient to work with. In fact, he made the whole process very enjoyable. I’d recommend him as a Web Designer without question.


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